Thursday, June 18, 2015

CDD Profiles: Mark Newman

Mark Newman is a "jack of all trades," 20 different trades to be exact. As a Building Inspector with the City's Building & Safety Division, Mark applies his extensive knowledge and expertise on a daily basis. Although he has been employed by the City for only 3 years, Glendale has gained a substantial number of new building assets as a result of his contributions.   

The Nuts & Bolts
One might ask, “What exactly does a building inspector do?” When a developer, property owner or builder wants to do some building construction, they get a set of construction plans (drawings and specifications) approved by a plan checker at the Permit Services Center.  who makes sure the plans conform to state building codes that ensure the safety of future occupants. 

With a building permit now in hand, a builder may begin construction on a project. At certain milestones throughout the project, the builder must get their work inspected to ensure all construction is being done in compliance with the approved plans. This is when they make an appointment to have the building inspector visit the construction site.

Community Relations
As a building inspector Mark also responds to community complaints about construction that may be unpermitted or not in compliance with the code. In these cases, his role is to act as a bridge to smooth relations between those doing construction and those being affected by the construction.

  • Mark has 20 different inspector licenses and can inspect all trades including building, mechanical, electrical, and plumbing. He can also inspect all kinds of projects including commercial and residential, large and small. 
  • Currently, he primarily inspects large commercial development projects, but he also inspects all other kinds of projects (e.g. single- and multi-family residential) all across the city.
  • Mark performed the building inspections for the new and improved Nordstrom in the Americana at Brand. He facilitated this large and complicated project to make sure the deadlines set by the developer, contractor and owner were met and that the project opened on time.  
  • Mark also assisted the development of the new Walgreens and Trader Joe's on Glenoaks by streamlining and expediting the inspection process. 
  • One of Mark’s current projects is the Triangle Project (3900 San Fernando), a multi-family residential project with 280 apartments and 16 live-work units.
  • After serving in the Air Force, Mark became a general contractor for 15 years, 
  • He worked as a carpenter for 7 years, and 
  • He worked as a contracted building inspector for 6 years during which time he inspected over 400 homes! Due to his excellent reputation in the field, he was often deployed to assist other municipalities.
  • Work Philosophy: "Arrive on-time every day, work efficiently, treat the public fairly and consistently, and treat others as I would want to be treated."
Mark enjoys working at the City where he can make the inspection process as pleasant as possible for builders and where he can strive to make Glendale a safe and enjoyable city.