Monday, November 17, 2014

VIDEO: Protecting Glendale's Historic Neighborhoods

Watch this video to learn about Glendale's historic neighborhoods. Visit the Community Development Department's webpage for more information about historic preservation.

Friday, November 7, 2014

Affordable Housing Opportunity: Veterans Village

Veterans Village of Glendale, located on 331 Salem Street is an affordable housing project currently under construction. 

Veterans Village is Glendale’s newest affordable housing project expected to be completed in June 2015. The project is reserved for lower income family households, with a preference for veteran families. It is an approximate $20.4 million project that will include specialized social services for the veteran residents provided by New Directions, a nonprofit provider dedicated to empowering veterans and facilitating their successful return to families and society. The Glendale Housing Authority contributed a total of approximately $6.8 million in development and permanent loan financing. The project consists of 44 units, a mix of 1, 2, and 3 bedrooms (one unit will be reserved as a manager’s unit). 

Housing applications for Veterans Village will be available from November 4 – November 26. Applications can be picked up at the project site at 331 Salem Street or downloaded from the developers website at

Information Hotline: (818) 685‑9919 or visit

Applications must be postmarked by Wednesday, November 26, 2014 to be entered into the lottery. Only applications mailed to the following address will be accepted.

Veterans Village of Glendale
P.O. Box 49898
Los Angeles, CA 90049

Protect Yourself: Lead Safety

Sanding lead-based paint can release harmful lead dust.
Lead is a naturally occurring element found in small quantities in the earth’s crust. It can be toxic to humans and animals. Lead absorption may occur during renovation, repair, and painting activities that disturb lead-based paint (for example: sanding, cutting, replacing windows and more). Such types of activities can create hazardous lead dust and chips which can be harmful to adults, children and pets. 

Understanding the effects of lead in paint is important. Even low levels of lead in children can reduce a child’s ability to learn and cause behavioral problems. If a structure (built prior to 1978) is having this type of work performed to it, it should be done by a Lead-Safe Certified Renovation Contractor. 

A Certified Contractor should work in accordance with new E.P.A. guidelines for any renovation or repair project. They will know how to protect you and your family. 

Do-It-Yourself projects must follow the “Lead-Safe Work Practices” available from the E.P.A., L.A. County Health Department or your local Building Department. Remember, home repairs that create even a small amount of lead dust are enough to poison your child and put your entire family at risk.

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Thursday, November 6, 2014

VIDEO: Don't Stand in Line at the Permit Services Center

Providing excellent customer service is a top priority for the staff at the City's Permit Services Center (PSC). That is why we've taken steps to improve your customer experience when visiting our office. We are happy to announce that we are now offering online appointment scheduling. This will minimize your wait time the next time you visit the PSC. Appointments can be scheduled from the comfort of your home computer and from any smart phone or tablet. The PSC offers a variety services including business registrations, dog licensing, contractor licensing, planning & zoning and more.