Friday, June 28, 2013

Historic Preservation - Introduction

Historic Preservation

The City of Glendale is committed to the preservation of its historic buildings, neighborhoods, and sites as part of its overall goal of planning for the future. By looking back and preserving key places that contribute to the shared history of all city residents - past, present, and future - we establish a framework that allows the city to develop, grow, and prosper without erasing the heritage that helps define Glendale and its people.

For more information about historic preservation status, public meetings, and frequently asked questions, visit our Historic Preservation Homepage.

Wednesday, June 26, 2013

What's Your Neighborhood's Litter Grade?

The City’s annual Litter Index Survey, which evaluates the amount of litter found in residential, commercial and industrial neighborhoods as well as some freeway on and off ramps was just completed and the litter “grades” are in.  Volunteers from the Committee for a Clean & Beautiful Glendale and city staff partner to conduct the annual survey.

The city is divided into 24 routes that are driven and evaluated for litter by a group of volunteers and city staff.  Each route has a series of stops.  Each stop gets a score on a scale from 1-4.  Scores are averaged for each route and then a citywide average is calculated.

The Scoring Scale:
1 - No Litter
2 - Slightly Littered
3 - Littered
4 - Extremely Littered

Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Glendale Recognized for Excellence in Planning & Sustainability

The Los Angeles Chapter of the American Planning Association (APA) recognized the City of Glendale with two Awards of Excellence at their annual Awards Gala on June 13, 2013 at the historic San Gabriel Mission Playhouse.

Doran Gardens
The Award of Excellence for a Hard-Won Victory recognizes the successful completion of the Doran Gardens affordable housing project in the face of overwhelming obstacles and challenges throughout the development process. The project involved a complex, first-of-its-kind financing strategy that weathered through the housing market downturn and other related hurdles.