Tuesday, April 18, 2017

May is Building Safety Month

For the past 37 years cities around the world have used the Month of May to help raise awareness about building safety. We invite you to join us as we highlight several important topics during this year’s Building Safety Month. Our Building & Safety Division is planning many events to highlight this year’s theme: Code Officials - Partners in Community Safety & Economic Growth. 

-  Week 1: Mentoring the Next Generation of Building Professional
-  Week 2: Building Design Solutions for All Ages
-  Week 3: Manage the Damage – Preparing for Natural Disasters
-  Week 4: Investing in Technology for Safety, Energy & Water Efficiency

Having a strong and effective building & safety program ensures that the buildings in our community are constructed to resist catastrophic failure in the event of earthquakes, fires, wind storms and floods. Our team also work to conserve natural resources by making sure structures are energy & water efficient and also built to last. We strive to make certain that the places that you go to for dining, entertainment & shopping, are accessible to everyone; and finally, we work tirelessly to assure you that the buildings you use to shelter your families are safe and secure. 

The Next Generation

Join us during Building Safety Month as we seek to inspire the future generations of Building and Safety professional. Nationwide, individuals who currently work to process permits, review plans and inspect work are nearing retirement age. It is estimated that 50% of the technical experts in the building profession, including inspectors and plans examiners, are within 5 years of retirement. This is a tremendous opportunity for individuals who are inspired by well-constructed buildings and are seeking careers in the building trades.

If you love working with people, want to contribute to the community and are fascinated with buildings, we invite you to join us at our Building & Safety Career Fair on Wednesday May 24th in the City Hall Plaza. Representatives from public agencies, private firms and the International Code Council (ICC), which publishes the building code adopted throughout California, will be present. Please take this opportunity to network and to talk to dozens of individuals about potential career opportunities in the Building & Safety field and related industries. Learn about the rising need for people that can utilize technology, can read plans, and understand building systems (i.e. framing, electrical wiring, mechanical & plumbing systems). 

Please visit our Building Safety Month website to learn more about what we are doing during the month of May.